Visiting Piemonte

Visiting Piemonte in Autumn is a wonderful thing for wine and food enthusiasts and was for me at last October. The reasons are quite simple;

Impressive views of rolling hills painted to all colors of Autumn, winery visit that can give opportunity to meet their winemakers in cosy environment, white truffle festival during October and November, relatively lower priced fine wines compare with Bordeaux and Burgundy’s and all combined with superb local food.



We visited to several wineries in Barolo and Barbaresco and among them these are my favorites;

Marchesi di Gresy
One of the famous Barbaresco producer with consistent quality, that their cellar door is always busy at weekends and located in beautiful villa surrounded with vineyards. There is an attentive service that provides good selection of their wines and winery tour but the appointment has to be taken in advance.

Paolo Scavino
This is family owned winery provides informative winery tour and tasting. We were lucky to meet with the wine-maker.

Fratelli Revello
They produce one of the most elegant wines of La Morra and very well-priced.

They have a spaceship-like cellar-door and a bit touristically approach for wine enthusiasts but it’s worth to visit for their wines and the view.

For more information about winery visits, please click here .


White Truffle Market is one of the most interesting markets for food lovers to buy them at lower prices and learn how to chose them.


Tips for choosing them;

– Check by hand and don’t buy if it is soft, because truffle is basically a kind of mushroom and should be consumed in a week after hunting, soft texture indicates it gets older and already lost some of its aromas.

– Smell and chose intensely aromatic one.

– Don’t buy bigger one if it will be consumed at home, because small quantities are enough to give powerful aromas to dishes. Bigger ones are more expensive and not possible to consume in short period time.

When you speak with sellers you may get more tips about it. When we bought ours, we took Tajarin plates from the food stand in the Market and they made our truffle sliced on them and we consumed some of them immediately with a glass of Roero Arneis.
And other mushrooms, candied truffles, truffle pastes, local cheeses and fresh pastas can be found there.


For good food, there are infinite options as in quantity and style. Our favorites were;

La Libera
La Libera is young face of Piemonte food. The food is Piemontese with contemporary touch and prepared from local high quality ingredients, served in sleek ambiance very attentively.

For more information, please click here .

Il Falstaff
It’s located in Verduno Town that is 20km far from Alba Town. They have traditional specialities mostly with truffles and it was the best dinner in Piemonte for me.

Some of the dishes we had were:

Fish served with warm Tomato and Potato Purée

Warm Cardo ( Thistle ) pie with Black Truffle

Tagliatelle with Black Truffles

Tagliatelle with White Truffles

Villa d’Amelia
Villa D’Amelie is a Small Luxury Hotel in Benevello. It’s a nice building with wonderful view. The Restaurant has one Michlen star. Delicious food, smooth service, well-priced extensive wine list. It would be chosen for special events for dining and staying.

Dining at Enoclub in Alba Town is a good option. We went there without reservation for lunch and there was long queue for tables in front of the door but it’s also possible to eat at the bar that we did. It’s fun to see how they prepare or slice the Parma Ham in front of your plate.

Local specialty Carne Cruda is not to be missed, especially if you like Beef Tartar. Carne Cruda can be found almost in all menus.



There are plenty of options; agroturismo, historical villas, hotels…

But we stayed in a self-catering room in Alba Town considering cool weather conditions on October; Casa Bona. It’s budget and gives opportunity to cook with local ingredients bought from Truffle Market as well.

Fine wine, good food, the Nature and wonderful people; Piemonte !!!


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