Spanish Wine pairing with Japanese Food!

After tasting wonderful sherries, it’s time to enjoy them with friends. Especially for La Bota De Manzanilla 32, I have a good pairing idea; “Clam Soup with Miso and Tofu” . The recipe from my favorite cookbook; “The Family Meal” prepared by celebrated chef Ferran Adria.

Why this pairing? Because, I have taste this kind of pairing at Serendipity Restaurant in Wilderness, South Africa and we amazed of “Miso Soup and Fino Sherry” pairing in their tasting menu. The difference between two soup will be additional clams which are the traditional pair for Manzanilla and will have more weight with creamy Tofu. And Clam Soup is enough original and easy to prepare for a weekend dinner which will be prepared together with friends at home, a PARTY!

Yes we began! We have all we need, not really! except from Dashi powder, cause I couldn’t find it yet;

Dividing Tofu,

Boiling in Miso and Fish stock (instead of Dashi powder),

Naughty girl is tasting clams! Before the meal gets ready 🙂

Almost ready and took less than 20 min. Creamy and deep, but not heavy, really delicious!

Over all the pairing is like sea breeze. Weights and aromas of Soup and Sherry are matching. My tasting note for La Bota De Manzanilla 32 can be found in other post.


Have a good weekend, Cheers!!!


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