Tasting and Appreciating ” Old Ladies’s Drink ” ; Sherry!

I’ ve been quite excited to taste the Sherries I bought from Vila Viniteca during my last trip to Barcelona. Especially, dry or off-dry Sherries, which are my favorites, such as Manzanilla, Fino, Amontilado and Oloroso. They amazes me with their very different aromas from all other red and white wines and their unique production method; Solera*.

As Sherries are underappreciated and misunderstood by wine drinkers for years 😦

– some can call them as “Old Ladies’s drink! ” , never mind 🙂

maybe so that their prices are still reachable in the premium level !

And before dinner, I would like to taste three different styles of sherry; Manzanilla ( which will be consumed at the dinner and I will try to pair it attentively, I hope! ), Amontillado and Oloroso.

While uncorking them, an accident happened! with Amontilado’ s cork, but luckily helping with Ah So cork puller, everything is under control again.


EQUIPO NAVAZOS La Bota De Manzanilla 32

It has deep gold color with lemon rim. Nose is quite complex, fruity aromas; lemon and red apple peel, nutty; roasted nuts and refreshing edges; moss and mineral tones. On the palate bone-dry, beginning with lemon peel and salty-minerality, mid palate is rich with apple peel, lemon zest and chestnut, at the long finish, roasted nuts and ginger aromas are getting intenser. It has good acidity and medium (+) body. Revitalizing! 15% Vol.

EMILIO LUSTAU Single Cask Amontillado

Amber colored with orange rim. Harmoniously comlex and deep. Sweet on the nose; perfume-like aromas of green olive, moss, iodine, dried fig, chestnut candy. Round on the palate with quince marmalade, caramel, cajun, touch of saltiness and the long dry finish with persimmon and ginger flavours. Full (-) bodied with lots of acidity. 18,5% Vol.

BARBADILLO Oloroso Seco – Aged 30 years

Mahogany colored with gold rim. Intense aromas of roasted chestnut, raisin, peach and apricot marmalade, brown sugar, smoke, mineral edges, touch of ginger. On the palate good acidity, full- bodied,round texture and off-dry, touch of saltiness and ginger,ending with lemon cheese-cake flavours. Very Long. 22% Vol.


In order to complete appreciation of wine, my next step is preparing food for Manzanilla. Of course I’m not a pairing expert but also I like to play pairing game 🙂 , then home-made sushi! Why?

I expect;

– Medium (+) body of wine could be match the weights of salmon and overcooked rice,

– Flavours of sushi roll and Manzanilla are almost equally intense ( also they have common flavours of moss, sea and ginger ).

– Powerful taste of pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce will be refreshed by acidity of Manzanilla.

Otherwise, we can easily back to the basics; there is some almond and green olives at home 🙂

It is quite fun to prepare simple sushi roll at home. Actually over cooked rice and wrapping them tightly are the keys. I’ll use avocado, cucumber and salmon ( Instead of fresh salmon, I use lightly smoked salmon )

Looks like a good match 🙂

And Old Ladies have obviously good taste!

Sharing with friends is the next step!!!

*Sherry is a fortified and non-vintage wine that aged in Solera – a very complex ageing technique that the wines belong to successive vintages ( also vineyards ) are blended on vertical and horizontal base with/without flor layer for years -.


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