Kalecik Karasi, 2009 Vinkara Mahsen

Kalecik Karasi is a native Turkish grape and its origin is Kalecik Village near to Ankara. It’s an aromatic grape variety that can produce wines in delicate red fruit character with good acidity and light tannin. Especially In cooler climate it produces fruity, subtle and more balanced wines. These characteristics are mostly shaded by using a vinification technique called ” Carbonic Maceration ” in order to get more colour and the resulted wines have dominant bubblegum aromas.

Anyway now we have increasing number of opportunities to appreciate its capacity with tasting some premium examples such as 2009 Vinkara Mahsen Kalecik Karasi…


Tasting Note – 2009 Vinkara Mahsen Kalecik Karasi

Appearance: Pale ruby, pink rim.

Nose: Intense fresh red fruit flavours (raspberry, cherry and plum), touch of vanilla, cream, nutty, smokey and leather aromas. Also some dried herbs (sage) and white pepper are detectable.

Palate: Confirms the aromas perceived at the nose but more intense flavours and the fruit is sweeter. Medium (+) Body, refreshing and lifting acidity with long dry peppery finish.

Creamy and round texture, ample oaking, very lively.

It has ability to evolve in the glass and offers surprises one in every sip that the flavours are getting more focused in ten minutes to a parfum-like deep fresh tomato aromas.

Given Alcohol level on the label is quite high, 14,3 % vol. but not detectable.

Vinkara vineyards are located on high altitude, 650m that probably helps to produce well-balanced wines with big temperature differences between day and night. Their vines are still young so I may expect to enjoy more intense vintages as they aged,



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