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Cape Town Notes 4, Le Quartier Français…

The food and the wine in South Africa are almost always value and good quality.In our journey we had chance to taste some of the famous chef’s cuisine, such as Margot Janse’s.

Le Quartier Français is in beautiful Franschhoek Valley.The Valley is famous for its good restaurants as well as some notable wine estates.Executive Chef Margot Janse prepares her African Inspired Menu to be served in Tasting Room.

The menu changes regularly and our menu was;


The Menu takes at least 3,5 hours.We were early so we enjoyed a glass of 2009 Silverton Brut at the their colorful bar;

They have a very good and extensive wine list but It wouldn’t be proper to chose a bottle of wine for eight course menu, so we took wine pairing option which was very good for tasting new wines and pairings with foods.The staff are friendly and they explain ingredients, cooking style and story of each plates.But I should admit that sometimes explanations were so intense and long.

The dinner began with refreshing amuse bouche;

Biltong and Chicken liver sandwich, avocado rolls (crispy cover and juicy inside) and tomato lolipops.

Than we hooked with caramelized butter, warm bread and sea salt;


All the other dishes were like an explosion of tastes in our palate;








Service and wine matching were very good.My favorite wine pairings are;

Chenin Blanc (daisy, melon, mineral, creamy texture, off-dry) with beetroot,

Unoaked Chardonnay (apple tart, off-dry, med+ body) with curry dusted monkfish.

Dining in Tasting Room is obviously not for everyday dinner so It’s worth a visit If you go to Cape Town to justify their saying that ‘Surprise; an emotion that occurs when something breaks our habitual pattern’