Preparing MEAL 2 from The Family Meal

Interesting cookbooks is the best way to taste different dishes at home and only 2 days ago we have received our new one; ‘The Family Meal’ prepared by celebrity chef Ferran Adria.The book is perfectly designed that made us excited to cook and we choose Meal 2 ;


Pasta Bolognese

Mackarel & Patato Stew


Chocolate Cookie

Paired with Chianti Classico


with Maderia

We paired Pasta Bolognese with Chianti Classico (Italian-Italian), Mackarel with Albarino (Spanish-Spanish) and Chocolate Cookies with Maderia.

But first thing to do was preparing Bolognese sauce and fish stock are given in the Basic Recipes section of the book.Bolognese sauce takes almost 2 hours but now we have plenty of them in our dep-freezer divided into 250 gr packages and It’s delicious that the best one I ve ever tasted.Fish stock is easier, only 20 min.


The book has detailed explanations with photographs for every step of cooking, ingredient parts with measurement and timing tables that It’s difficult to make any mistake.


All of the dishes were delicious, so we will try remaining 30 meals in following weekends.

Bon Appétit!








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