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Mourvedre, Monastrel, Mataro!!!

Mourvedre is almost always blended with some other varieties in Its wines, so that I’m curious of tasting the varietal one.

What I want to learn about it is ;

-If It has certain qualities to contribute to blended wine, I should taste varietal one and see What are these qualities,

-Is It only good in blended wine or the varietal one can be satisfactory for wine lovers?

So, I bought a bottle of Bandol Domain Tempier 2007 from The Wine Society for £21. It’s not cheap because It’s been produced in limited places in Europe and Bandol is famous for producing fine varietal Mourvedre wines on the coast of Provence.

Tasting Note:

Colour is deep dark blackish crimson with brown hues.

Nose is clean with medium intensity. Dried herbs ( Thyme, sage, mint and basil ) and animal flavours ( like lamp chops ) are intense and some blackberry notes detectable.

On the palate , dry , full-bodied and quite tannic. But the acidity is low. Flavours of herbs and animal notes are more pronounced than the nose and there is more licorice instead of blackberry. Ending is spicy (cinnamon, cumin, cloves) and a bit bitter.Length is medium (-). One hour later some additional aromas were detectable such as chocolate and fig.

As a result, It was quite useful experience for me to get some clues about its varietal balance and character.